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2006-01-01 Christmas lasts twelve days, to the Epiphany Page
2006-01-08 The Sunday celebration of the Epiphany declares Page
2006-01-15 After Christmas, the Church enters "Ordinary Time." Page
2006-01-23 A review of some statistics from our fiftieth anniversary yea Page
2006-01-29 Theological terms like "ontology" and "eschatology" are useful shorthand Page
2006-02-05 A Latin aphorism, traductore traditore, means that Page
2006-02-12 After Jesus healed the mother-in-law of St. Peter Page
2006-02-19 For five years, Father Andrea Santoro Page
2006-02-26 Lent is like athletic training Page
2006-03-05 God says: “Behold, I make all things new” Page
2006-03-12 Lenten opportunities to practice “mortifications” Page
2006-03-19 Stupidity is not ignorance. Page
2006-03-26 "And now for a brief pause" Page
2006-04-02 One of the most redundant expressions Page
2006-04-09 Christ followed solemn rituals Page
2006-04-16 On this most joyous of days Page
2006-04-23 Even the weather was liturgical Page
2006-04-30 Stone walls do not a prison make Page
2006-05-07 A couple of years ago in our parish Page
2006-05-14 With the deadline for the Cardinal’s Appeal extended Page
2006-05-21 This Sunday the parish celebrates with Bishop McCormack Page
2006-05-29 In the radiance of the Feast of the Ascension Page
2006-06-04 Among the seven Pentecostal gifts Page
2006-06-11 The doctrine of the Holy Trinity will always be Page
2006-06-18 The thirteenth century produced Page
2006-06-25 Pope Benedict XVI recently Page
2006-09-03 On Labor Day people stop working Page
2006-09-10 Lively minds never stop learning Page
2006-09-17 Friday, September 8, being the occasion of my 25th anniversary Page
2006-09-24 Many lack the ability to follow the reasoning of Pope Benedict XVI's brilliant lecture Page
2006-10-01 an Australian film producer came to the rectory Page
2006-10-08 With the beginning of Autumn the calendar perks up Page
2006-10-15 October is dedicated to the Holy Rosary Page
2006-10-29 Not everyone in history has had, or has, the precious privilege of electing their leaders Page
2006-11-05 a student asked a friend of mine who is a professor Page
2006-11-12 With the rectory telephone ringing off the hook Page
2006-11-19 Habitual procrastination, which means “for tomorrow,” Page
2006-12-03 Accounts of the papal trip to Turkey Page
2006-12-10 Advent occasions thanks for the historic journey Page
2006-12-17 The first time I approached the walls of Jerusalem Page
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