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2002-01-27 President Bush delivered an eloquent address on the sanctity of life Page
2002-02-03 Most of us are sadly familiar Page
2002-02-10 Why do bad things happen to good people? Page
2002-02-17 In Lent the Liturgy calls these forty days a joyful season Page
2002-02-24 The forty days of Lent are an approximate "tithe" Page
2002-03-03 As there are seven days in the week, so are there seven helps Page
2002-03-10 Our nation is at war Page
2002-03-17 These words that sound strange to us Page
2002-03-24 the Holy Father referred to the Pharoah Akhnaton Page
2002-03-31 Jesus of Nazareth was killed and then he killed death Page
2002-04-07 The Church has designated the first Sunday after joyful Easter Day as Divine Mercy Sunday Page
2002-04-14 The first Christian "parishes" existed in response to Page
2002-04-21 There are no "throw away" lines in the Bible Page
2002-04-27 The mystical power of Easter Page
2002-05-05 Many of the hymns most familiar to the English-speaking world Page
2002-05-12 This is the day we have waited for these many months, when the new tabernacle will be blessed Page
2002-05-19 When Saint Paul came across some people in the Turkish town of Ephesus Page
2002-05-26 The month of May has been a time of shining grace in the life of the parish Page
2002-06-02 "Corpus Christ" The Body of Christ - is what the priest says Page
2002-06-09 After Trinity Sunday, the rest of the liturgical year is "Ordinary Time." Page
2002-06-16 This Sunday, June 16, Padre Pio (1887-1968) is being canonized as St. Pio of Pietrelcina Page
2002-06-23 The outpouring of people in Rome to celebrate Page
2002-06-30 Catholics now number nearly 23 percent of the U.S. population Page
2002-07-07 the former managing editor of The New York Times, Bill Keller, wrote an “Op-Ed” essay on scandals Page
2002-07-14 Popular myth has Martin Luther burning the Summa Theologica of St. Thomas Aquinas Page
2002-07-21 The creative mind and the free will are two parts of the soul Page
2002-07-28 The vacation business is one of the biggest factors in the national economy Page
2002-08-04 The First Council of Lyons in 1245 decided that Page
2002-08-11 “Give me that old time religion” goes the refrain of a catchy Gospel hymn Page
2002-08-18 When Our Lord offered to go to the house of the Roman centurion Page
2002-08-25 there was a stir in the news about reports of an asteroid headed for our planet Page
2002-09-01 It is nice to think that all children rejoice at the re-opening of school Page
2002-09-08 The most important dates in history once were ordinary days Page
2002-09-15 One year ago prayers were being offered in the parish for all the dead and missing in the attack on our nation Page
2002-09-22 The church was filled with people all day long on September 11 Page
2002-09-29 We have the privilege of the annual second collection for Saint Joseph’s Seminary in Yonkers Page
2002-10-06 When our parish was chartered in 1955 Page
2002-10-13 Roughly 50.2 percent of our nation’s population of 281.4 million have some religious affiliation Page
2002-10-20 I yield the Pastor’s space this week to the Pastor of Pastors Page
2002-10-27 The reason for being a Christian is to be a saint Page
2002-11-03 Recently the feasts of the Franciscans, Saint John of Capistrano Page
2002-11-10 Our Saviour spoke severely about the scribes and Pharisees Page
2002-11-17 In the French village of Ars in the nineteenth century Page
2002-11-24 On September 27, 1959, His Eminence Francis Cardinal Spellman solemnly blessed the Church of Our Saviour Page
2002-12-01 The Holy See’s Observer to the United Nations, Archbishop Renato Martino Page
2002-12-08 It is the custom in the four weeks of Advent to meditate Page
2002-12-15 The Third Sunday of Advent, known as Gaudete Sunday Page
2002-12-22 The “shortest” day of the year now passes, along with Advent Page
2002-12-29 The printer of the parish bulletin requires Page
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