2001-09-30 In these critical and hectic days, no one wants to waste words...

September 30, 2001

In these critical and hectic days, no one wants to waste words when action is needed. I do want to take time out in the midst of a world crisis to express my deep gratitude for the warm welcome you have given me. As Pastor, I greatly enjoy living in a neighborhood with a solid community feel to it. Indeed, we are doubly blessed as our residential parishioners worship side by side with our many commuter parishioners, tourists, business travelers, diplomats, and visitors from other parts of the metropolis. I do pay careful attention to the suggestions in the box at the rear of the church, so please use it. I was not being vaguely rhetorical last Sunday when I said that among the many memorials and ideas for rebuilding being discussed throughout the city, there could be no better symbol of our city's rebirth from ashes than a tabernacle for the Blessed Sacrament, of a design worthy of our beautiful church, centrally placed behind the high altar. It is all that is lacking and will represent the enthronement of Christ in the center of our civilization and our hearts. I want it to be a memorial for those who died on September 11th and a commemoration of the many acts of heroism on that day. I did not know how long it will take to raise money for this, and it should not diminish our primary responsibility as a tithing parish for our debt reduction and renovation fund. If Christ has been relegated to the sidelines of our culture, he has remained Our Saviour, and the tabernacle will witness to that.

Fr. George W. Rutler

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