2001-09-17We are living through some of the most extraordinary days in the history of our nation...

September 17, 2001

We are living through some of the most extraordinary days in the history of our nation and of all civilization. The intensity of men and women seeking absolution, the crowds flocking to the churches, are reminders that lies against God which have been believed in recent years have not persuaded the hearts and minds of our people. The sufferings and sorrows of the present days are grim echoes of all the sadness ushered into the world when our first ancestors chose to follow the Prince of Lies. The heroic acts of our people are so many instances of the triumph of virtue, even when cynics were whispering that there is such thing as virtue anymore.

These weeks and months will be an unprecedented challenge to our parish. Neither the cardinal nor I anticipated this when he appointed me to be your new pastor. But there has never been a time when we were not engaged in a monumental spiritual warfare, of which the recent attack on America is a horrific and visible reminder. Crowds should not come to the confessional and altar only because of this. Pray God we shall be so shocked into reality that never again will the world take for granted God's merciful gifts of grace. The Church of Our Saviour is more than a magnificent monument to Him. It is His house, and His dwelling among the people of this neighborhood. Please pray for me and for all of us, that we may nurture in the holy Catholic Faith those who come here in crisis, many for the first time. And may we so offer our confessions and communions, that this parish will help in the renewal of our city and nation for the salvation of many souls. God in Christ has called us for this moment.

Fr. George W. Rutler

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